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March 30, 2022

all the sports….

…and I am here for it! But let’s be clear…I am not a big believer in overdressing for these outings. I love a pulled together athleisure look OR a cutoff short t-shirt situation as the weather really warms up. Accessories are key in my opinion when it comes to dressing the part.

Some of my must haves? A great baseball hat is a must, and this ALO logo one will pair with anything and is on my wishlist. Another good option is a classic rancher that really goes with both athleisure and more daytime casual. This target hat is another good sun protector and it works for lots of different outdoor needs.

From wet grass to dusty dirt, you want a sneaker that looks cute but also is sturdy. I have and love this New Balance pair. These On Clouds are another classic sneaker option. Don’t forget to use Magic Eraser on dirty spots if needed! Works like a charm.

Sunglasses + Baseball hats are a hard combo. BUT… I have found some that work great together. I am loving this new Madewell pair. And you can’t forget about my trusty Amazon pair as well. The BEST for the price.

Finally, an easy bag to throw some quick essentials in: I have loved my Lululemon crossbody  bag, but a tote like this one is also really good to have for longer sporting days.

Here is a roundup of some other great picks for sports season:

And check out my post HERE showing more Spring sports looks to try!

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